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Our Equipment

Ronin 2 (Comes with Tech)

Our Ronin 2 Kits are built out with Industry leading Parts and cables.
We have power supply solutions for all major brands of camera.
We also carry plenty of Mitchell mounts so that we can stay one step ahead of the production with the grips ready to switch setups at a moments notice.

DJI Force Pro

Mimic Style Controller. If you’re not Comfortable on Wheels, the Force is a great way to Dual operate the Ronin 2. Hand Hold it or mount it on a tripod, this is a familiar way to Operate the Gimbal.

Nodo Inertia Wheels (3Axis)

Universal Wheels that can control our Ronin, Movi and even the RS3!
Set up exactly how you want the wheels to feel with tunable weight and special effects built in such as shaker mode

Mounts for Everything

We Carry Mounts for all Major Grip Equipment. We also carry enough of them to have multiple setups ready on set at one time, keeping Repos down to Minutes.


Movi Pro (Dry Hire Available)

A versatile gimbal best for light weight hand-held work.
This Gimbal has been upgraded to run the Ignite Digi Power Supply that gives us faultless power to Cameras and Accessories.


Ronin RS3 Pro (Dry Hire Available)

A very small hand held or mounted 3axis gimbal.
Working well with our 3 axis wheels or Force Pro Controls this tiny gimbal can house surprisingly large camera packages. We use this gimbal to achieve shots the other gimbals may be to big to achieve.

EarTech Comms

We Carry 6x pair of Eartech Comms to keep all the Camera Team and Grips using the Gimbals in Contact. Drop the volume on set and keep everything calm while doing complex shots.


Wire Isolators

We Carry A few Different Levels of Isolators.
For hard mounting the gimbal it cuts out the little shakes you can see sometimes.
For use on Cranes ,Dollys ,Tracking Vehicles.

Drone Landing Gear

Ignite Digi Landing Gear
Our Ronin2 is ready to Fly.
We have a few suppliers for Heavy lift drones and if you need to do it, we can help.

Ronin Joystick

The perfect complement to the Ronin 2 , offering unparalleled control and precision. With its smooth, intuitive operation, you can easily adjust your camera’s settings and angles, ensuring you capture every detail.

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